Oakside - Traditionally Made by Hand

Handmade in England

All Leather Belts from Oakside are painstakingly made by hand. The leather is cut and prepared by hand by a Traditional Cordwainer Craftsman. All stitching is also carried out by hand using the time-honoured skills of the classical saddler


Each leather belt is unique in that no piece of leather is the same. The scratches, scars, and other marks from the cow all go in to making your leather belt as personal as you. Your leather belt is made to order for a bespoke service not seen nowadays. Size, colour, and stitching all reflect your distinctiveness. Variances in stitch pressure, thread thickness, cut, and leather all go towards creating a one-of-a-kind original.


Designed to last! Solid Brass, Stainless Steel, and Nickel fittings, waxed linen thread, and top grade English Bridle leather, all go towards ensuring your leather belt is long-lasting, durable, and above all dependable.


I use JF&J Baker & Co for my leather. There are a traditional tannery that uses Oak Bark tanning to produce a Bridle leather that is superior to many other leathers and is world renown for its quality and durability. Oak bark tannage is a long , gentle process that protects the natural fibres of the hide unlike modern tanning methods. The best hides, natural products, 14 months and a sustainable process produce each piece of uniquely crafted, luxury and durable leather.

Their expert curriers finish the leather by hand with their own special blend of natural oils and greases that protect and feed the leather whilst simultaneously emphasising the natural grain and colour. The result is leather that is unrivalled; hardwearing, strong and with a distinctive colours. I believe the quality and luxury of their leather is testimony to the unique tanning methods and the skilled craftsmanship with which every piece of leather is treated.







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