Custom Belt Design

Although I have a variety of popular designs to choose from you may have something special in mind that I have just not covered.

What if you have a favourite belt that has seen better days? I may be able to use the buckle to make a new belt that is perfect for you!


Have a look through some of the options below and gain some inspiration!


My standard colours are;

  • Australian Nut
  • Burgundy
  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Conker
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Havana
  • Hazel
  • Light Havana
  • London Tan
  • Navy Blue
  • Old Oak
  • Red

I use JE Sedgwick & Co. Bridle Leather for all of my Handmade Leather Belts. For XXL sizes the colours are more limited as I use a Bridle Back Leather also from JE Sedgwick & Co.


Single loop

The loop on a belt is a matter of preference. A single loop is always used when a single buckle is fitted, to keep the point of the belt in place. This is usually supplemented with a running loop.

Please note that all stitching is carried out along the length of the leather, including inside the loop, keeping its integrity and strength intact, never across the leather as this would only weaken it.

Double loops 

If the style requires two or even three leather loops can be fitted. the gap between the loops is filled with a small spacer to keep the good looks and style of the belt.


Brass, stainless steel and nickle loops can also be fitted either in singles or doubles as required, 

Running Loop

A running loop is a leather loop that is free to slide along the belts length. It is usually only fitted when the point of the belt needs to be kept under control. Usually the trouser loops keep this in place but a fashion belt worn over something with out loops may need to have a running loop.

Stitching Styles

A variety of stitching styles are avaliable the common is twin stitching with two lines of stitching, one down each edge. If the design requires a third line of stitching can be run down the centre or a looped affect can be achieved.

End Point

Cathedral Point

This is the rounded point end reminiscent of a cathedral's windows

Bridle Point

The bridle point has the squared off end the same as a horse's bridle

Still have an idea that I haven't covered. Then please contact me with your design and I will see what I can do!

 Custom Handmade Belts

At Oakside I make the finest hand crafted made to measure belts utilising premium 1st selection English Bridle butt leather.

Each belt is hand made and individually designed to your specifications to produce a unique item for the discerning client. I source my buckles from Abbey England in either solid brass, nickel, or stainless steel, but if you have a specific buckle in mind just let me know. It could even be on an old favourite belt that you wish to re-use.


I stock Black, Dark Havana, and Australian Nut English leather and bridle butt English leather is also available in a variety of other colours including; hazel, conker, burgundy, blue and red. Other specialist colours are also able to be ordered and can be colour matched as required.


Oakside's made to measure belts can be any width, and any length. The belts are cut, prepared, hand stitched and finished all in the UK. Your leather belt can be plain, plaited, inset, lined or raised as required.


Each belt is hand stitched and hand made to order using double hand stitching. I hold no belts in stock.

Custom Belt Designs

Below are some of the leather belts I have made to customer specification. Have a look for your own design inspirations!

custom designed brown leather belt

A specific design was called for on this leather belt.The belt uses a one inch wide, West End stainless steel buckle. The leather is Dark Havana (Dark Brown) bridle leather. The remit has a single stitch behind the buckle, a fixed running loop, and seven stitches after the first loop.

It makes for an interesting design.

handmade custom designed leather belt

This leather belt is handmade from black bridle leather. The buckle, loop and tip are from a stainless steel plain set from Le Prevo leather. The buckle and loop are hand stitched using two straight lines of stitching.