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What do you need in a wallet?

This is something that many people ask. But if you think about it, what do you actually need your wallet for?

Firstly pick up your old wallet and empty it out completely. And I mean entirely! Now take a look at all of that stuff. Do you really need all of those store cards? What about the receipts? And what are those business cards for?

If you are anything like me you gradually accumulate a load of stuff and eventually your wallet gets so full that you empty it all out and throw it in the bin (recycling would be good!) And now your wallet is back to a realistic size.

So sort out all of your stuff and see what you actually need to carry. How many cards do you need? Do you carry cash? Receipts?

This then gives you an idea of just how big your wallet needs to be.

The next thing that you have to think about is where you carry your wallet. A small wallet will get lost in your bag. Whereas a large coat wallet will not fit in your jeans pocket. Do you need just a minimalist card wallet for a night out, or a large wallet to carry your driver’s licence, CPC card, tachocard, fuel cards, and receipts that won’t leave your truck cab unless it has to? Maybe you just carry your mobile phone and an emergency note or two or just a couple of cards?

A further consideration is what you need the wallet for. If it is a night out and you only need to carry one card and your ID (if you are fortunate enough to need to carry ID) for the beer then a minimalist card holder maybe all that you need. If you are going on a business trip then you may need something bigger for your business cards etc. On holiday and you may just need a cash pocket for the foreign currency.

So this then gives you an idea of what wallet you may actually need. I assume that you want a handmade leather one otherwise there wouldn’t be much point in checking out my store otherwise have a look at my wallets and see if there is a design that you like. And if there isn’t as I only make bespoke wallets then maybe consider designing your own.

With 20 different colours of Lamport leather and 11 different thread colours to choose from I am sure that you will be able to choose a wallet that fits with your distinctive style. And don’t forget that some wallets can have two or more different colours in their design! This gives you (thinking…..thinking….20x11 x20 ….😁 ) a lot of different combinations.

So, fancy a handmade, bespoke leather wallet that is entirely made in Great Britain? Then visit my website

Posted 4 weeks ago

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